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Types Of Kisses Women Crave For -- Ever seen that long kiss at the end of the movies? It's sensual, isn't it? We all love to be touched, kissed and pampered. Women, being the most sensual beings, love to be passionately kissed by their men. Kissing is the beginning of the foreplay and if you can master the art of it, then the victory is all yours. Believe it or not, we all crave for some special kinds of kisses. Some love those sweet and mushy kisses all over the face while others love the passionate and wild kiss. There are many types of kisses like the butterfly, playful pecks, long dragging kisses and of course the French kiss. A woman's body is always seeking pleasure. And you will be amazed to find her pleasure points. So, here are the various types of kisses women crave for: Against The Wall Women love to be sexually dominated. This kind of rough kiss is something every woman wants her partner to do. It may hurt a little. But when you push her against the wall and then lip lock, the passion is indomitable. Interruption Women love to be kissed in the middle of a movie. An unexpected kiss can be sexually appealing to a woman. So, the next time your girl is watching a movie, just sneak behind and push her a down on the bed for a long and sexy kiss. Fight This is something out of the movies. Two people are fighting like cats and dogs and then suddenly they immerse in a passionate lip lock ending in a wild lovemaking. Your woman will go crazy over you if you do this in the middle of a fight. Dirty One Go a little dirty and lick the chocolate off her lips. Or let the wine pur down her lips and lick it with your tongue and the kiss her hard. This is one of the best kisses which women crave for. Try these kisses on your girl and she will do anything you want. And above all use your imagination to find out new ways to lock your lips with her. She will surely love it.

Breast Sex For Unimaginable Pleasure! ---

Breast Sex For Unimaginable Pleasure! --- You must be wondering about the headline. Yes, breast sex is an innovative foreplay idea you can incorporate to make your sex life boost with pleasure. Women's breast is an important erogenous zone. Fondling, caressing, nibbling at it gives immense pleasure to both the partners. However there is more you can do with this pleasure point to spice things up! Breast sex can give you unimaginable pleasure only if you can do it right. We can give you the ideas to play with your assets which are loaded with immense sex appeal. Follow them closely. You and your partner will find yourself immersing into the unexplored depths of joy and pleasure. Once you master the art of breast sex, you can indulge in even deeper explorations to increase the pleasure. Check out these awesome ideas for breast sex and try it out tonight with your partner. The pleasure of breast sex is simply heavenly! The massage: Rub your nipples all over his body. Start by caressing his lips with your nipples and allow him to lick them with his tongue. Next move down and rub them against his nipples. Go further down concentrating on all the erogenous zones like the navel, crease between thighs, penis and his toes. Your guy will go mad with pleasure. Chill out: Get some ice cubes and have him gently rub them on your nipple tips. Then put an ice cube in his mouth and ask him to suck on your breasts. The touch of the hot tongue and the ice will give a tingling sensation which will drive you crazy. Spice up: Dab a little cinnamon oil on your nipples. Then ask your guy to blow on them. The tingling pleasure is unimaginable. Give him the dessert: Put a spoonful of ice cream on one of the breasts and some chocolate sauce on the other. Have him lick them one after the other for the pleasure of a delicious dessert. Find the sweet: Trickle a spoonful of honey from your breasts to your navel. Blindfold him and challenge him to find the sweet only using his tongue. What a sweet treat! To and fro: Rub a little lubricant lotion on your cleavage. Then slide his penis back and forth between your assets. The sensation just cannot be described in words. Play: Sit in the cowgirl position and play with your breasts. Take his fingers and fondle them by yourself. Pinch your nipples, squeeze your breasts, rub them on his face and let him lick them from below. Try these breast sex tricks tonight and surprise your man on bed. These tricks will surely give you unimaginable sexual pleasure.

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Hot Side Sex Positions To Try!---

Trying something new on bed is always exciting for yourself as well as for your partner. The old missionary style sex can become monotonous after a while so trying out new sex positions become the need. Trying out new positions is not rocket science. You just need to learn a twist and turns in your usual positions to make sex more interesting.
Side sex positions are pretty pleasurable and do not require too much of trouble. The best part is that you can enjoy these positions while having a full view of the action going on! So, let your imagination open up while you try out some hot side sex positions.
Hot Side Sex Positions To Try!

Let us help you out with a few of these awesome side sex positions. Take a look:
Make Spooning Better
Normally in this position he lies behind you and enters you from behind. Make it more interesting by turning yourself upside down so that he can have the view of his penis going in and out of you.
A Hipstatic Position
Normally, when you lie on your back and he sits on top of you, you lift your leg on his shoulders for deeper penetration. Make it more exciting by lifting your leg and keeping it moving till it crosses to his other side. It will make the penetration feel tighter and provide more friction inside you.
Lazy Sex Position
This is a position when you are too tired to get on top of each other. So, you end up having sex facing each other. It is one of the best positions where you can not only enjoy sex but can also kiss and cuddle each other. Get a even deeper penetration by scissoring your legs so that they interlock with your partner's legs.
Try out these hot side sex positions tonight and make sex even more interesting for yourself and your partner.

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Have You Tried The 'Surprise Sex' Yet?

Bored of the usual love making? Then try out 'surprise sex'. Every one of us craves for novelty in our routine life. So, there is no reason why our sex lives should be deprived of it. We all love surprises and nothing can be more fun than having a steamy surprise on the bed. Make your sex life interesting and more fun by stirring up a magical potion of fun mixed with sex. You guy will never take his eyes off you after that!
Surprise sex is not rocket science. You just have to think of something unusual tonight to make your guy jump up with excitement. We do not mean you to scare him away in any way. Make some sensual moves or surprise him with an unusual sex position which will make his mouth go wide open with wonder. If you are wondering how to do it, then we are here to help you out.
Have You Tried The 'Surprise Sex' Yet? 

So, when your guy comes home tonight, just try out these few surprise sex tricks on him and watch him go crazy with pleasure.
Call Him
Make the first move by calling him. Do not reveal your intentions of sex. Just say that you want him to come home early and you have something important to discuss with him. Make sure you do not get him panicky. Speak normally.
Wear The Passion
Once he is about to reach home, change into a sexy lingerie. Make sure he is at the door before you open it. Open the door to him and let him find you in a whole new sexy avatar.
Sneak Up
After he gets in, just sneak up behind him and get a hold on him. Kiss him behind the ear and start undressing him. He will definitely be taken by surprise. But he will love it more than anything else.
Stun Him
Look up a new sex position and try it out on the bed. Ditch the usual missionary position and try the cowgirl position with him. He will get mad with the awe and pleasure.
Talk Naughty
Keep talking naughty during the whole time. Whisper some sexy things in his ear which he would love to hear. Dirty talk drives men wild.
So, try these tricks on your man and do the whole new surprise sex moves. You both will definitely love it.

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Sex Positions Which Men Crave For!-----Having sex with your partner is always fun. But how about making it more spicy so that your partner just cannot have enough of you? Sounds great, doesn't it? It is like this - One tends to get bored if they eat the same food everyday! Similarly, having sex in the same position each time can get boring too. So, ladies it is time to find out what your man desires in bed and do something about it! All men fantasise about their women doing crazy things to them in bed. You have to find out what your man wants from you. Once you get to know how he wants you in bed, there is nothing that can stop you from being the Sex Goddess. Guys want to have sex in different ways. By that we mean they love to experiment with sex positions. There are a few sex positions which men crave to try out. So, let us have a look at the sex positions which men crave to try out. Deep Thrust Positions You may like it gentle. But your man just craves to thrust inside you. Most men like to have a deep penetration. But they are afraid to try it out because they feel they might end hurting up their ladies in bed. They especially love to take on the woman from behind, bend her over the table, spread her legs and then enter her from behind. Rear Entry Not all women enjoy anal sex. But that does not mean you cannot fulfill his fantasy of showing off your ass. Try out positions like the doggy style where you are on all your fours and your man has the full view of your behind. He will not be able to resist the invitation to enter you from the back. You can try facing the wall and ask him to thrust from behind. It is one of the most naughty positions which men just die to try out. Legs In The Air Another most desired sex position is stretching your legs up in the air while he thrusts into you with full might. This makes your guy get a full view of you while climaxing. This is one of the best positions you can try with your guy and make him go wild with pleasure. So, try out these sex positions and watch your man getting crazy with pleasure.
Quick Tricks To Get Her Excited ---It is said that exciting a woman is very difficult. This is because men easily get turned on but women need some attention and extra caressing to come in the right mood. Most of the men have to spend a lot of time on the first few steps before getting into the bed with her. You can get excited by seeing your woman naked, but women need time to get into the mood. If you want to know some easy tricks to get her excited easily, then try these tricks to get her excited within minutes. Quick Tricks To Get Her Excited: Kiss Her: You need to start with the basics so as to excite your woman. Going down directly will not help you get her in the mood. Kiss and caress her for sometime. This will make her feel special and romantic. Remember, sex for women is all about being connected emotionally. Tickle: Tickling can arouse the mood of a woman. Make sure you tickle on her sensuous zones. This will spread a wave of excitement in the overall body of your woman. Go Down: When the woman is all cheered up and kissing you wildly, go down and raise her mood. It is one of the quickest tricks to get her excited. When you go down, make sure you explore her completely. Gradually, your woman will be all over you. Sexting: If you want, you can start exciting your woman even before reaching home. Send her some romantic and dirty messages. You might not know how wild you get laid after meeting her. Women are very creative and imaginative. When both blend, you can see the result! Take Control: Women can easily get excited if the man is little dominating and wild on bed. Make sure you use your wit and humour at the same time. This will keep her comfortable and cheered up! Try these quick tricks to get her excited easily.

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Hot Tips For Sex On Bike! Yes, you read it correct, we are talking about having sex on your bike. Believe us, there can be nothing more pleasurable than this. The consistent vibrations of the bike makes the experience of sex all the more interesting and satisfying. Having sex publicly is a sure crime. But with these hot tips you can even make it happen in your garage. Sex on the bike is a sure shot fun and we are sure that your lady will surely go mad with the pleasure of it. The best part of bike sex is that you do not need to put much of an effort because the vibrations fro the bike makes it a lot more easier. SHARE THIS STORY 0 So, if you are looking for something 'out of the bed' then, try out these hot tips for sex on the bike! Turn It On To start with this novel experience, you first have to turn on the bike. The vibrations of the bike will enthrall her clitoris, making your orgasms all the more satisfactory. Undress Obviously you cannot expect to take the full pleasure out of this experience with your clothes on! So, take pleasure in undressing each other on the bike. While undressing do not forget to pinch each other playfully in the pleasure points. It will heat up the atmosphere all the more. Sit On It Sit on the bike as if you are going to ride it. Let your lady caress you from behind and then suddenly pull her on your lap. Sit cross legged and enjoy having a full view of her assets. Then pull her forcefully and make her sit on your lap. Once you have got the sitting position right on the bike, enjoy your happy ride! Sex on bike can be extremely satisfactory and enjoyable for both of you. So, work on these tips and make it happen tonight!
इन टिप्‍स से उत्‍तेजित करें अपने पार्टनर को --- सेक्‍स का उत्‍तेजना के साथ बहुत ही गहरा सबंध होता है। पुरूष या फिर महिला दोनों सेक्‍स के दौरान जितना ज्‍यादा उत्‍तेजित होतें है सेक्‍स का मजा भी उतना ही शानदार होता जाता है। लेकिन कई बार देखा गया है कि पुरूष अपने साथी के सामने पूरी तरह उत्‍तेजित नहीं हो पातें है। वैसे तो पुरूष को उत्‍तेजित करने के बहुत सारे तरीके विख्‍यात है। लेकिन हम आज आपको अपने इस लेख में कुछ मुख्‍य तरीकों के बारें में बतायेंगे जो कि आपके पुरूष साथी को पूरी तरह उत्‍तेजित कर देंगी। बस आपको जरूरत है हमारे द्वारा बताये गये कुछ उपायों पर गौर कर अमल करने की। कैसे उत्‍तेजित करें पुरूष को: उपस्थिती: जैसे कि आपको यह शब्‍द पढ़कर ही कुछ अंदाजा हो गया होगा, उपस्थिती यानी कि प्रजेंटेशन जिन बातों की उपस्थिती बेहतर होती है वो आगे चलकर और भी शानदार हो जाती है। इस दौरान आप अपने साथी के सामने बेहतरीन ड्रेस में जायें जिनमें आपके शरीर का ज्‍यादा से ज्‍यादा अंग दिखे। विशेषकर आपके शरीर के कट्स, उभार आद‍ि यह आपके साथी को रोमांच से भर देगा। जरूरी हो तो खुश्‍बुदार डियो या फिर परफ्यूम का प्रयोग करना ना भूलें। डांस: डांस आपके इस पल को और भी खास बना देगा। इस दौरान आप अपने साथ के सामने डांस के कुछ स्‍टेप्‍स करें और अपने शरीर के अंगों को उनके सामने प्रदर्शित करने की कोशिश करें। इस दौरान उनके करीब जाकर उपने शरीर का विशेषकर संवेदनशील अंगों का स्‍पर्श उन्‍हें करायें। यकीन मानिए यह आपके साथी को पूरी तरह उत्‍तेजित करने में आपकी पूरी मदद करेगा। फ्लर्ट एंव स्‍पर्श: फ्लर्ट का हमारा मतलब यह नहीं है कि आप अपने साथी को किसी और के प्रति उकसायें। बल्कि उपरोक्‍त दिये गये तीन उपायों को आजमाने के बाद उनके शरीर से छेड़छाड़ करें। साथी के प्राइवेट पार्ट पर अपने हाथों से स्‍पर्श करें और अपने होंठों से उनके शरीर पर स्‍पर्श करें। इस दौरान आप अपने शरीर को साथी के शरीर से इस कदर मैश करें कि वो आपके लिए पागल हो जायें। स्‍नान: स्‍नान यानी कि बाथ, अपने साथी को बाथरूम की तरफ बहुत ही प्‍यार से लेकर जायें और उनके साथ शॉवर के नीचे नहायें। इस दौरान अपने साथी के कपड़ों को एक-एक कर उनके शरीर से अलग कर दें। नहातें वक्‍त साथी के अंगों को स्‍पर्श करें और अपने शरीर के उभारों से उन्‍हे उत्‍तेजित करने की कोशिश करें। यकीन मानिए इन उपायो को करने के बाद आपका साथी पूरी तरह उत्‍तेजित हो जायेगा और आप एक बेहतर सेक्‍स का पूरा मजा ले सकेंगे।
पुरुषों में कब खत्‍म हो जाती हैं यौन इच्‍छाएं -----क्‍या आपके पति ने आपको छूना बंद कर दिया है, या फिर कई-कई दिन बीत जाते हैं और आप दोनों के बीच यौन संबंध स्‍थापित नहीं होते? जब आप अपने पति के करीब जाती हैं तो क्‍या वो आपसे दूर हटते हैं या फिर क्‍या वो आपके सामने सेक्‍स करने की इच्‍छा प्रकट नहीं करते? इन सभी सवालों के जवाब यहां इस लेख में मिलेंगे। जी हां हम आपको बतायेंगे कि पुरुषों में कब अपनी पत्‍नी में रुचि कम होने लगती है। हम उन कारणों पर चर्चा करेंगे कि जिसके कारण पति अपनी पत्‍नी से सेक्‍स करना कम कर देते हैं या बंद कर देते हैं। 1. सबसे पहला कारण यह कि अगर बेडरूम के अंदर रोमांच की कमी होगी, तो पुरुषों का मन सेक्‍स से हट जाता है। इसके लिए आपको पोजीशन बदल-बदल कर सेक्‍स करना चाहिये, इससे हर पोजीशन में आपके पार्टनर को एक नया अनुभव होगा, जिससे प्‍यार बना रहेगा। 2. यदि आप मोटी हो रही हैं, तो समझ लीजिये कुछ ही दिनों में आपके पति के अंदर सेक्‍सुअल इच्‍छाएं कम हो सकती हैं। लिहाजा हमेशा यह कोशिश करें कि आपकी बॉडी में फैट नहीं बढ़े। 3. बच्‍चा पैदा होने के बाद अक्‍सर महिलाएं अपने पतियों से दूरियों का अहसास करती हैं। इसका मुख्‍य कारण होता है योनि में ज्‍यादा स्‍पेस होना। यानी उसका साइज बढ़ जाना। ऐसे में पति को ज्‍यादा मजा नहीं आता। 4. बेडरूम में झगड़ा करने से भी पतियों के अंदर सेक्‍स की इच्‍छा खत्‍म हो जाती है। लिहाजा बेहतर होगा यदि आप अपने पति से सोने से पहले झगड़ा मत करें। दूसरी बात सेक्‍स करते वक्‍त कोई भी ऐसी बात नहीं छेड़ें जिससे उसे गुस्‍सा आये। 5. यदि आपके पति ने सेक्‍स करना बंद कर दिया है या कम कर दिया है, तो हो सकता है उसके कारण ऊपर के सभी कारणों से अलग हो, क्‍योंकि कई बार ऑफिस में अत्‍याधिक काम का बोझ और काम का टेंशन भी सेक्‍सुअल इच्‍छाओं का दमन कर देता है। 6. यौन शक्ति का कम होना भी एक बड़ा कारण है। उम्र के साथ ऐसा होता है। उम्र ढलने पर पुरुषों के यौन अंग कमजोर पड़ने लगते हैं। यदि ऐसा हो तो आप खुल कर उनसे बात करें और डॉक्‍टर से सलाह लें।

धात गिरने की समस्या (धातुरोग) और समाधान

धात गिरने की समस्या (धातुरोग)और समाधान व्यक्तियों में बिना किसी से यौन संबंध बनायें वीर्य के अत्यधिक स्राव का होना धात गिरना, स्पर्मेटोरिया,...