Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hot Tips For Sex On Bike! Yes, you read it correct, we are talking about having sex on your bike. Believe us, there can be nothing more pleasurable than this. The consistent vibrations of the bike makes the experience of sex all the more interesting and satisfying. Having sex publicly is a sure crime. But with these hot tips you can even make it happen in your garage. Sex on the bike is a sure shot fun and we are sure that your lady will surely go mad with the pleasure of it. The best part of bike sex is that you do not need to put much of an effort because the vibrations fro the bike makes it a lot more easier. SHARE THIS STORY 0 So, if you are looking for something 'out of the bed' then, try out these hot tips for sex on the bike! Turn It On To start with this novel experience, you first have to turn on the bike. The vibrations of the bike will enthrall her clitoris, making your orgasms all the more satisfactory. Undress Obviously you cannot expect to take the full pleasure out of this experience with your clothes on! So, take pleasure in undressing each other on the bike. While undressing do not forget to pinch each other playfully in the pleasure points. It will heat up the atmosphere all the more. Sit On It Sit on the bike as if you are going to ride it. Let your lady caress you from behind and then suddenly pull her on your lap. Sit cross legged and enjoy having a full view of her assets. Then pull her forcefully and make her sit on your lap. Once you have got the sitting position right on the bike, enjoy your happy ride! Sex on bike can be extremely satisfactory and enjoyable for both of you. So, work on these tips and make it happen tonight!

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