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Sexual potency fitness checkup before or after marriage is also provided at our centre by detailed history, examination for male sex hormones, penile blood supply tests, nerves of penis so that they can go for marriage with confidence. They are explained in detail every aspect of sexuality. We provide detail sex education, sex counseling, & sex therapy so that they don't fail & perform coitus with confidence. We tell the patient about female sexual organ as vulva, clitoris, vaginal opening. Then we also teach the correct technique of penile insertion for the first time with a virgin wife. We also tell the G spot in the vagina. This is an approximately one-centimeter size spot on front wall of vagina. This is a very sensitive part of female body. When this part of female body is stimulated, then women get highly aroused & get multiple orgasms. Thus all the men must know these highly erogenous areas of female. After learning these techniques you'll become an expert lover & your partner will always crave for your company. INVESTIGATIONS i.e. DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: At our centre we have all the facility for complete investigation of various causes of Erection difficulties & other sex problems. So we perform following tests, step by step depending on their need based on history & examination. The various diagnostic tests needed/performed are as follows: - Step- I: Hormone Testing: There are two types of hormones in body some stimulates penile hardness whereas there are other hormones which inhibit penile stiffness. Male & Female sex hormones & other associated Hormones are tested by latest-immunoassay techniques. These hormones includes total Testosterones, free testosterones, Prolactins, LH, FSH, T3, T4, TSH others as Cortical, E2, Free testosterones SHBG etc.. Among above tests relevant hormones are tested in that particular patient. Results are available in 36 hours. In the hormone testing either stimulatory sex hormones may be low leading to less erection or those hormones which are inhibitory may be high leading to inhibition of penile erection. These hormones are tested by taking blood sample from forearm. When we find out any of above hormone disorder simply correction of these hormone disorders corrects the erectile dysfunctions in two months time. Blood glucose & other systemic test may be required depending on the need.

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